Description of the tomato variety Vladimir F1, its characteristics and cultivation

Description of the tomato variety Vladimir F1, its characteristics and cultivation

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Tomatoes are considered one of the most popular vegetable crops for growing in the garden. Tomato Vladimir F1 has a high yield and is suitable for cultivation in any kind of soil.

Characteristics of the tomato variety Vladimir

Variety Vladimir F1 belongs to the first generation hybrids. Tomato is a medium early indeterminate hybrid for cultivation in any soil. The ripening period of vegetables after planting seeds in the soil is 100-105 days.

An adult plant of small size, medium leafy. A garter to a vertical support and removal of side shoots are required. The leaves are dark green in color, characteristic of all varieties of tomatoes. The inflorescence is of a simple type. The first inflorescence begins to form under the 9th leaf. Subsequent - every 3 leaves. You will be able to get the maximum yield if you form a bush in 2 main stems.

The variety is grown mainly in the southern regions. For planting in central and especially northern latitudes, in most cases it is desirable to use a greenhouse. The advantages include resistance to tobacco mosaic, fusarium wilting of the bush and powdery mildew.

Description of tomato fruits Vladimir

Tomatoes of the Vladimir variety are large-fruited varieties with a bright red hue of the skin and pulp. The shape of the fruit is round. Sometimes tomatoes grow irregularly shaped.

The skin is firm and firm. Thanks to this, ripe fruits are suitable for whole pickling. During the preservation process, vegetables do not crack and the flesh remains firm. Ripe fruits are used to prepare various pickles, for example, lecho, sauces, ketchups or tomato juices. Tomatoes are also used to prepare vegetable salads.

Advantages and disadvantages of growing

Tomato hybrid Vladimir F1 is devoid of serious drawbacks that affect the yield.

Advantages of the Vladimir hybrid:

  • High yield throughout the entire fruiting period.
  • Rapid emergence of seedlings.
  • The taste of ripe vegetables.
  • Universal use in cooking.
  • Thick skin.
  • Resistant to most tomato diseases.
  • It is possible to cultivate seedlings in open and closed ground.
  • The harvested vegetables endure long transportation and are suitable for sale.

Hybrid care is minimal. Particular attention is paid to watering and fertilizing during the growing season. You rarely need to water the beds. If it rains often, then watering should be abandoned. Once a week, before watering the beds, weed the soil and remove all weeds. Adult bushes do not need to be weeded.

To increase yields, the beds are watered several times per season with mineral and organic fertilizers. Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are used as top dressing. Organic fertilizers are suitable for manure, chicken droppings, mullein and wood ash. Depending on the condition of the bushes, the amount of top dressing applied is increased or decreased.

Reviews about tomato Vladimir

Reviews about the sport of tomato Vladimir from summer residents.

Karina, 37 years old:

“The best tomato that grew on the site. The vegetables began to ripen at the end of July. The fruits are large, sweet to the taste. They go well with salads and food. The care of the bushes is minimal. The bushes were not watered all summer. Only fertilizers were applied for yields. It is imperative to tie up the bushes because of the severity of the fruit. The branches are breaking. "

Constantine, 65 years old:

“I ordered seeds on the Internet. The bag contained a small amount of seeds. Shoots appeared quickly. The seedlings grew well and, after transplanting, quickly took up in a new place. Mature shrubs are tall and leafy. The tomatoes on each branch are formed in bunches. Ripe vegetables have a pleasant, sweet taste. Tomato Vladimir is undemanding, but at the same time the yield remains high. The first harvest began in August. "

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