Description of the tomato variety Aquarelle and its characteristics

Description of the tomato variety Aquarelle and its characteristics

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Tomato "Aquarelle" is a mid-early, high-yield, determinant tomato. Bred by Siberian breeders and recommended for growing outdoors and in various types of film shelters.

The period from sowing seeds in the soil to the ripening of the first fruits is 100-115 days, depending on the region and temperature indicators.

Description of the plant

The stem of the "Aquarelle" tomato bush is strong, stable, green leaves, of the usual shape. This variety does not require an obligatory garter to the support, as well as the removal of stepsons. However, it is recommended to make supports to avoid the fruit coming into contact with the soil.

The first ovary appears after 4 leaves. A season can bring about 8 clusters of tomatoes. Each cluster has 6 fruits of the same size and shape.

Fruit characteristics

The fruits of "Aquarelle" are plum-like, round, bright red, very dense, sugary. On the barrels of the fruit, closer to the stalk, there may be a speck of yellowish tint, which is a varietal feature. Inside there are 2 chambers with a small amount of small seeds. They are easily torn from a bush without a stalk, which allows them to be harvested by machine.

The weight of one fruit of these tomatoes, depending on growing conditions, ranges from 50 to 120 grams. The length of one fruit is on average 5-6 cm.

Taste and technical characteristics

Aquarelle has a good taste and aroma. Dense, fleshy consistency allows you to get high-quality tomato paste during factory processing. The dense skin retains a pleasant taste and holds the shape of the fruit tightly.

These tomatoes look very beautiful in jars. Tomatoes "Aquarelle" received good reviews for their sugary pulp. Delicious and beautiful sauces, pasta and ketchup are obtained from these tomatoes.

Tomato variety "Aquarelle" is excellently transported and stored. Once removed from the root, unripe tomatoes withstand storage times of up to 1 month in a cool place.

Features of variety care

Tomatoes "Aquarelle" were specially adapted by the developers of this variety for growing outdoors. Unpretentious, cold-resistant tomato, suitable for industrial cultivation in vegetable farms. The yield of this tomato variety is about 8 kg from 1 m2.

  • Direct sowing of tomatoes of this variety into the ground is also recommended, however, the growing season of the plant is lengthened, and under such conditions, an early harvest cannot be obtained. Sow seeds "Aquarelle", 6-8 weeks from the last expected date of frost in the region. Sowing is carried out in lighted warm rooms, heated greenhouses or greenhouses. Optimal germination of shoots occurs after 7 days, at a constant humidity of 60-70%, as well as a soil temperature of 22-23 degrees.
  • An important point for healthy and fertile tomato seedlings is the optimal combination of humidity and temperature. Watering is done every 10-12 days, but it can be done more often. The temperature characteristic of the soil during irrigation should be no higher than 24 degrees, and the optimal water temperature is 20 degrees.
  • Planting ready-made tomato seedlings, carried out according to the scheme 50 x 40 cm, 3-4 bushes of plants per 1 m2... Planting up to 5 bushes per 1 m is possible2.
  • Competent and timely fertilization, mulching, loosening of the soil on the plot of land selected for planting is an integral part and a guarantee of the farm's profit.

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