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How to deal with late blight on tomatoes

Friends, we are pouring rains without ceasing, the tomatoes began to blacken. I found 2 tomatoes with a spot of late blight. Tell me, can the fruits than process? Fitosporin, salt, iodine, vodka or something else. There must be a way out.


Here we have rains in Omsk, I’ve already processed it with a homo once. Until I observe phytophthora. And in the Bolsherechye there’s a flood in general, there’s no way to save the harvest there, the locals call it “Bolsherechensky water lilies”

To do what!

Elena, do you ditch the ditches? Make a drain, dig a drain? Or is there a hopeless site?

Try to process one more time.

Everything was flooded there, not everyone has it in Omsk, but everything is so raw, the horror is simple. I arrive at the cottage - immediately to the tomatoes, inspect. I found the top vertex on several already.

Today, I, too, gathered everything from the street I handed out to friends, and I myself will make a salad

Friends, I read that tomatoes affected by late blight should be warmed up in water 60 degrees, immersed for a minute in batches

I processed and cut gold profit and ripped out all the affected bushes. It helped. They stand for now.

Warmed up at 60 degrees, then decomposed in potassium permanganate, now I pray that they do not turn black, the battle for the crop continues, the rain fell again on the street

I have cultivated black bushes, rain is pouring, porridge in the garden, today I collected cucumbers like rice from the Chinese, water like in a swamp

I kept tomatoes in hot water with salt, the godfather advised, said that even where the spots were at the tomato, they did not rot further but turned red, I’ll see what happens.