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What kind of pest ate seeds in the garden

Sowed onion seeds onion, carrots, dill, parsley, salad. Half ascended. I broke a bed, and someone dug up passages in it, and there are no seeds in the ground. What a rodent, I don’t know. I did not find it on the spot. Help.


Waited a long time for seedlings? These are all hard-to-see seeds, and even small ones, it is very difficult to find in the ground))

But there are no seeds in the earth and all the earth in holes

if possible, make and post photos of these holes, so it will be easier for people to answer you ...


I'll try to take a photo later

no burrows there are more matchbox. I think maybe some kind of rodent

Then the mole.

An earthen rat may leave passages in the beds at a depth of see 5. From the top it is clear that the ground is slightly elevated. We have such beds digging, honestly we are not doing anything, of course they will not gnaw a lot of crops, but I sow more and have enough for everyone. Everyone wants to eat!

such a positive! everyone is full, everyone is happy!

Thank you for understanding!

your rat’s burrows, and the seeds probably just failed, no one bursts them))) all the more such a trifle as carrots. and dill seeds, in general, few can only tolerate the smell ... This year, many people have a disgusting germination, especially carrots ... If you don’t have enough, sow some early ... well, the greens will grow again more than once during the summer ... for a while ... I poured filler from the cat's toilet into the holes ... I understand that there is little pleasant but they are afraid of this very smell ...

thank you ... this is not a mole I know for sure it seems to me a mouse. I’ll sow more ... thanks anyway.

Is it still possible to sow carrots?

I stuck an iron rod in the middle of the garden and put a can of beer on. Everything, the bed is clean, no longer come.

Elena, why not? Now I have planted three rows of potatoes. People have already huddled twice, and our landings are in full swing (we are only developing a summer house, I plant it as soon as the beds are ready). Harvest probably in October we will collect from under the snow

that's for sure what to do. this year there are many living creatures and various diseases.

I also dill sprouted very rarely, and onions - three or four feathers. I bought a radish, I sow there too, maybe at least it will crawl out

This is a shrew, we have 2 pieces ,,, makes moves, small heaps from above, raised the whole rockery to me, the bushes are small, as we come, they are on the heaps ,,,, She does not eat seeds and roots, but eats worms, but digs with it harms, you really need to put a can on an iron rod, it can help

I live in Udmurtia, so I think it’s not always possible to get something late, although I plant potatoes in the onion beds, but it’s too late now, we have frosts early, everything freezes in one frost, and then the weather is very warm. risk farming. but I like to experiment.

we have the same thing - a zone of hand-drawn farming. And now it’s also the time of “white nights.” It remains to experiment!

A try is worth planting. A small crop, but will be. The other day I annoyed potatoes, beets and cabbage. I will wait for the result.