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The efficiency of piercing tomatoes with copper wire from late blight

Tell me, please, did someone pierce tomatoes with copper wire from late blight? Does it help or not?


For a long time I was looking for copper wire, I found in a fabric store. She is thin, FIG pierce the trunk! Something pierced, something not. In general, it is good to pierce in the seedling stage, at the same time it will cease to stretch. I hung jars of iodine from phytophthora, sprinkled with phytosporin or milk with iodine and laundry soap. Be sure to open the door, both night and day, in order to avoid condensation. I close the door for cucumbers.

I heard that you can not pierce, but wrap around the trunk

She told her husband about this method, but he, as a person who knows and understands chemical processes well, said that an excess of copper in the fruits was provided in this case. And to put it mildly, it is not useful.

Probably in all preparations from late blight, copper sulfate is present. Maybe copper wire is less evil than bordo mix. Bordovskaya helps perfectly, but she does not want to feed her family. This year I process phytosporin. I tried to pierce the copper wire. But the stem is already thick. Does someone use phytosporin and copper wire? What result?

Copper wire does not help. This year I'm experimenting with phytosporin.

It just seems to me that the damage from processing with copper sulfate is much less than that from copper wire, which is constantly in the stem for several months.

For the third year I have been using copper wire, I forgot what phytophthora is

I also use copper wire for 3 years, an excellent result, no late blinks. Additionally, I do not process anything else.

The harm from copper sulfate is unambiguous, it accumulates in the ground.

I read in a magazine, wrote a woman who has been gardening for so many years that only copper wire saved her from phytophthora

Thanks. I will try.